Museum Takes Shape

Over the period of time Parshwanath Vidyapeeth has been repository of many artefacts, statues, coins, etc.

Some of these artefacts for donated by Jain community while others were required over a period of time. Last year it was decided to build a proper Museum to display the rich history of Jainism and other cultures that were existing in parallel.

A 10,000 square yard special annexe building was constructed for this purpose and now the Museum display is taking shape in the same. We believe that over the next one year we will have a world class museum operational at Parshwanath Vidyapeeth.

One of the centrepiece is Buddhist stupa pillar that was erected during the time Buddhism spread across the country.

Library Archiving

With over 40,000 books at Parshwanath Vidyapeeth library it is a task to maintain and keep safe the paper editions. Two initiatives for launched in the year 2017. the first was to get a library catalogue available to all researches online through our website. Slowly and steadily this catalogue has been growing and as of date 28000 catalogue titles have been added to our online library link.

The second initiative was to start archiving all books in PDF format so that not only catalogues are available but also the titles themselves can be downloaded from the website. now the beginning has been made by installation of a specialised scanners and software to make PDF soft copies of all book titles.

15 Day National Workshop on Jain Nyay

A 15 day National Workshop on Siddhasena Divakar,s two prominent treatises of Jain Nyaya- Sanmati tarika and Nyay avatars, sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research was organised by Parshwanath Vidyapeeth from 15th to 29th November 2019 . It’s inaugural function was organised on 15th Nov. 19. Total 36 participants from all over India participated in this workshop. The prominent resource persons who taught Sanmati tark and Nyayavatar by Siddhasena Divakar were Prof. D C Jain, Jodhpur, Prof. Shriyansh Singhai, Jaipur, Prof. Veer Sagar Jain and Prof. Anekant Jain from Delhi and Prof. J B Shah from Ahmedabad. The local eminent Jain scholars who taught in the workshop were Prof. Phool chand Jain, Prof. K K Jain, Prof. S. Mishra, Prof. A K Jain and Prof. Pradyumn S Shah.

Parshwanath Goes Solar

Parshwanath Vidyashram decided to go in for solar energy system at the start of year 2019. A rooftop installation of 30kWh was done by March.

We are pleased to report that in just six months Parshwanath Vidyapeeth has generated more than 30,000 units of clean energy.

The excess of generation over our demand is fed into the local electricity grid under arrangement with PVVNL. We hope this initiative goes long way towards keeping our environment safe.